About Us

Dadaji Mahavidyalaya has managed to adapt itself in the development of economy and the needs of a harmonious society, and aimed at promoting citizens higher education level and improving people's life-long learning and well-round development. College has already formed its distinctive features and produced a ........... great number of qualified and applied graduates who can remain with their work units and continue to make contributions.

Facilitate a smooth and seamless continuation of education process for students.College is committed to making every effort to give its students and staff the best possible opportunity for academic proficiency and growth. The efforts are to inspire the students to grow into mature students, with a strong sense of social and national responsibility.

The college provides an exceptional education for students to easily transition their learning process to college/universities worldwide. Excellent verbal communication and writing skills. Develop communication materials for students and public.College offers a choice of curriculum for students by which the students will be taught using the advanced techniques in teaching methodology.

College is a community of learners in which all its members, i.e. students and staff (academic, administrative and maintenance) participate. It interacts for mutual benefit with its social milieu, i.e. parents, university and government agencies and other private, social, cultural and educational bodies.
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